Healthy Island Project

A non-profit organization focused on enhancing the broad health of the Deer Isle – Stonington community.


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Enhancing the health and wellbeing of islanders since 1991.

Monthly Meet Up

Most local organizations are represented at our monthly Community Breakfast, which provides the perfect opportunity to hear about relevant community events. 

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Read this brief guide on how to register for the COVID-19 vaccine. If you need assistance, HIP is available to help. Make an appointment with Northern Light Health HERE.

Support HIP

Healthy Island Project’s programs depend on the generous donations of community members. Learn about ways you can support the health of our Island. 

The Makings of a Healthy Island

Healthy Island Project works independently or in partnership with local organizations and individuals to develop and launch community projects to improve the broad health of the Deer Isle – Stonington community.

We do this by providing information, making connections, and coordinating projects that promote healthy living.

Our five focus areas include…

active island

Where people of all ages tend to and enhance their physical health and well-being through safe and expert-led programming.

age-friendly island

Where older residents can thrive, receive social and physical support, and age with dignity, respect, and joy.

edible island

Where local food systems are strengthened and people are inspired to create, experience, and enjoy good food in their homes, schools, and restaurants.

engaged island

Where community is celebrated and people work together with open communication, collaboration, and volunteerism. 

mindful island

Where healthy minds are encouraged and people are attentive to and appreciate the surrounding world. 

Mission Statement

Healthy Island Project is a community-based organization that provides information, makes connections between people and organizations, and coordinates selected projects to promote healthy living. HIP brings together a cross section of Deer Isle – Stonington residents to address the broad health of our community.

What makes a healthy island?

“A healthy island is when every community member takes responsibility for and is supported in their physical, social, and psychological health and well-being. We want to create a community that looks out for its neighbors, celebrates life, and recognizes the importance of every island resident.”

René Colson Hudson, Executive Director of HIP

A Year in Review

Students Enrolled in Culinary Class

Kids Taught Bike Safety

Senior Food Boxes Provided

Items of Clothing Distributed

Meals Prepared During COVID-19

As seen on WABI channel 5:

Executive Director Rene Colson Hudson speaking on WABI channel 5 news

Three decades later, Healthy Island Project continues to help Deer Isle-Stonington community.

By Brian Sidelinger, February 7, 2022

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